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Trailhead Cafe relationships


The Trailhead Cafe is all about relationships—beginning with the producers of our food to you. Welcome to a warm, friendly place where relationships are built and true community can be experienced in an inviting atmosphere. We strive to have a first-hand relationship with everyone we serve or support. Beginning with the local farmers who raise our beef, we make a conscious effort to form connections with the people who grow and raise our food. We are making a difference on a global scale by serving direct relational trade coffee, and we know the farmers who grow it.


The Trailhead Cafe’s goal is to bring you the best breakfast and lunch experience possible. We meticulously hand select the producers that grow our fresh produce, and raise our beef, chicken, and pork; it is guaranteed to be free range, nitrate, steroid, hormone and antibiotic free, humanely raised, and locally sourced (whenever possible). We grind our own beef and create every recipe from scratch in our kitchen. This allows us to provide you with the tastiest, healthiest, most affordable meal possible.


The Trailhead Cafe’s mission is to provide more than just a satisfying meal, and as a non-profit, all proceeds go toward making a real difference in the lives of real people locally and around the world. Our heart is for those at the margins, the homeless and working poor, single parents and orphans; the forgotten members of our community and around the world. The Trailhead Cafe is more than just a tasty breakfast and lunch choice; it is a place where every dollar you spend makes a difference in peoples’ lives because any profit goes to support local and global outreach through Grace Place Church.